Predicting SNS addiction with the Big Five and the Dark Triad



A considerable amount of literature has widely discussed the issue in regard to the prediction of social networking sites (SNS) addiction with personality traits. One of the existing issues is the small effect sizes that showed that the traits outlined by the Five-Factor model are lacking the required specificity to predict specific behaviours such as SNS addiction. In light of this issue, the present research attempted to predict SNS addiction with the Dark Triad traits that have been linked to impulsivity that is central to the development of SNS addiction. In this study, a sample of 204 (Male = 77, 38%; Female = 124, 60%; Not mentioned = 3, 2%; Mage = 22.94, SDage = 3.43) university students in Malaysia completed the Big Five Inventory, the Short Dark Triad, and the adapted Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale. Results indicated that SNS addiction was significantly predicted by the measured psychopathy of the Dark Triad. In predicting SNS addiction, the inclusion of the Dark Triad traits contributed significant amount of variance after controlling the Five-Factor model. Finally, the implications of the results were discussed in this manuscript.

Social network sites; SNS addiction; the Big Five personality; the Dark Triad




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