Ten most viewed articles in 2018



We keep an eye on our readers' interests and regularly monitor the most viewed pages in our journal. If you are interested, here are top ten viewed articles from January to August 2018.


1. Derks, D., & Bakker, A. B.  (2010). The impact of e-mail communication on organizational life (7266 views)

2. Luthman, S., Bliesener, T., & Staude-Müller, F. (2009). The effect of computer gaming on subsequent time perception(6141 views)

3. Šléglová, V., & Cerna, A.  (2011). Cyberbullying in adolescent victims: Perception and coping (3424 views)

4. Sherman, L. E., Michikyan, M., & Greenfield, P. M.  (2013). The effects of text, audio, video, and in-person communication on bonding between friends (2854 views)

5. Calancie, O., Ewing, L., Narducci, L. D., Horgan, S., & Khalid-Khan, S.  (2017). Exploring how social networking sites impact youth with anxiety: A qualitative study of Facebook stressors among adolescents with an anxiety disorder diagnosis (2620 views)

6. Blumer, T., & Döring, N. (2012). Are we the same online? The expression of the five-factor personality traits on the computer and the Internet (2660 views)

7. Machackova, H., Cerna, A., Sevcikova, A., Dedkova, L., & Daneback, K. (2013). Effectiveness of coping strategies for victims of cyberbullying (2529 views)

8. Utz, S., & Krämer, N. C. (2009). The privacy paradox on social network sites revisited: The role of individual characteristics and group norms (2427 views)

9. Lorentz, P., Ferguson, C. J., & Schott, G. (2015). Editorial: The experience and benefits of game playing (2238 views)

10. Siibak, A. (2009) Constructing the self through the photo selection - Visual impression management on social networking websites (2229 views)