Gareth Schott

Gareth Schott holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Wales, Cardiff (UK). He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Arts, University of Waikato. He has been a principal investigator on two Royal Society of New Zealand: Marsden grants for research into players' experiences with videogames containing violent content. He has also conducted research on behalf of the NZ Office of Film and Literature Classification on the topic of parental understanding and experience of violence in videogames. He has published widely in the field of 'game studies' since its inception as an academic discipline in 2001. He is co-author of the book Computer Games: Text, narrative and play (published by Polity Press) and is currently working on a book entitled 'Violent Videogames: Rules, realism and effect' that will be published by Bloomsbury Press (New York) in 2015. He has also recently been appointed to the Film and Literature Review Board by the NZ Governor General for a three year term.