George Kleftaras

George Kleftaras, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in “Clinical Psychology – Psychopathology” at the Department of Special Education, University of Thessally, Greece, and Director of the Postgraduate Program (M.Sc.) “Counselling in Special–General Education and Health” and the “Laboratory of Psychology and Applications on Education”. He has significant clinical work in counselling and psychotherapy and he is author of “Depression today: Description, diagnosis, theories and research evidence” (1998) and “La dépression: Approche cognitive et comportementale” (2004, in French); editor of “Cultural and multicultural counselling: People with special needs, minority groups, students” (2009); co-editor of “From psychopathology to meaning in life” (2009), “Counselling psychology for women” (2006) and “Applied clinical psychology for children” (2004); and scientific editor of the book series “Modern Psychological Issues”. He has participated in a number of funded research and/or intervention programs and he has published numerous scientific papers and articles in Greek, English and French. His research interests focus on (a) Clinical Psychology with emphasis on Existential Psychology, Meaning in Life and Spirituality, (b) Psychopathology with emphasis on Depression, Loneliness, Anxiety and Addictions (Internet, Alcoholism, Drug Usage), (c) Counselling/Psychotherapy focusing on Integrative, Existential and Cultural–Multicultural Approach and (d) Animal–Assisted Counselling and Psychotherapy.