Yalda T. Uhls

Yalda T. Uhls, MBA, Ph.D is a senior researcher at the Children’s Digital Media Center@LA, UCLA campus, as well as the Regional Director of Common Sense Media, a national non-profit that helps children, families and educators navigate the digital world. Yalda’s research focuses on how older and newer media impacts the social behavior of preadolescents. In addition to her peer-reviewed published research, Yalda has co-authored a chapter on the Internet for the Encyclopedia of Adolescence and writes for non-academic audiences in outlets such as HuffPost, UCLA’s PsychologyinAction and her own blog, IntheDigitalAge. Awards include UCLA’s Psychology in Action Award, for excellence in communicating psychological research to audiences beyond academia as well as the Dena Chertoff Graduate Service Award, UCLA and the Millard Madsen Distinguished Dissertation Award, UCLA. Prior to her academic career, Yalda spent over fifteen years as a senior entertainment executive and producer. Notable positions include Senior VP at MGM as well as consultant to Google LA, Disney Channel and Henson Pictures.