Chad A. Rose

Chad A. Rose is an assistant professor of special education in the Department of Language, Literacy and Special Populations at Sam Houston State University. His research focuses on unique predictive and preventative factors associated with the involvement of students with disabilities in the bully dynamic and bully prevention efforts within a multi-tiered framework. Dr. Rose received a BS in elementary education and MS in special education from the University of Saint Francis, and a Ph.D. in special education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has published book chapters and recent articles in Remedial and Special Education and Educational Psychology exploring the interplay between special education identification and bully perpetration and victimization. Dr. Rose was nominated as the HECSE Virtual Intern, William Chandler Bagley Scholar, Albin and Young Scholar in 2009, and he was the recipient of the University of Saint Francis Distinguished Young Alumnus award in 2010.