Christiane Spiel

Christiane Spiel is Professor of Educational Psychology and Evaluation and department head at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna. Actually, she is president of the Austrian Society for Psychology, president of the DeGEval – Gesellschaft fuer Evaluation (Evaluation Society in Germany and Austria), member of the boards of directors of the Leibniz-University of Hannover and the Bergische University of Wuppertal. She is and has been chair and member of various international advisory and editorial boards as e.g., chair of the ERIH expert panel of the European Science Foundation for psychology, president of the European Society for Developmental Psychology, and founding dean of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Vienna. In several projects she is working together with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research. She has got several awards for research, university teaching, and university management and has published more than 190 original papers. She has added many external funded projects and organized several international conferences. Her research topics are on the boarder between developmental psychology, educational psychology and evaluation. Specific research topics are: Bullying und victimization, integration in multicultural school classes, lifelong learning, change measurement, evaluation research and quality management in the educational system.