Richard Alapack

Richard Alapack, Ph. D. is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Power fades; money vanishes; fame is fi ckle; ambition is foolish; only love endures. Most importantly, therefore, Richard is father to three splendid children, Nicole, Richard and Orion, and the grandfather of two bright and beautiful girls, Sophie and Olivia.

His principal disciplinary areas are love and death approached from existential, phenomenological, hermeneutic and psychoanalytic points of view. His original research includes such topics as first love, first kiss, the outlaw relationship, and flirting in cyberspace. A stint as clinical-community director of the Seward Life Action Council in Seward, Alaska, expanded love matters to included death-themes; and a concurrent visiting lectureship at the University of Pretoria - when Apartheid ended in South Africa - triggered ongoing teaching and research both on natural and manmade disasters and on global political themes. Currently, he also researching the phenomena that cluster around peace: humiliation, violence, revenge and their cures: forgiveness, compassion, mercy.