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Special issue: Internet use and disability


Dear researchers, colleagues, and readers interested in internet-related research,

we are proud to present the new special issue guest-edited by Emma Sorbring and Martin Molin from Centre for Child and Youth Studies, University West, Sweden. The issue contains eleven articles organized in three main themes: (1) Accessibility – risks and opportunities, (2) Vulnerability and victimization and (3) Identity and user perspectives. We would like to thank guest editors as well as authors and reviewers for their hard workon the issue and wish you pleasant summer!

Lenka Dedkova, David Smahel & Kristian Daneback


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Posted: 2017-05-31

Editorial: How to get your manuscript accepted


Dear researchers, colleagues, and readers interested in internet-related research,


We are delighted to present the fourth and final issue of 2016, which comprises of seven articles that cover a variety of topics, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches. Besides an article from the U.S., the research presented in this issue is primarily conducted by researchers in Europe. What we especially like to see is the international collaborations between researchers across nations – one of the studies, for example, brings together researchers from Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. As internet researchers, we sometimes find ourselves alone in our departments, either because of being sort of aliens in relation to our academic discipline or because we run out of funding and have to dissolve our groups. Combining perspectives across disciplines and nations are, of course, other sound reasons for collaboration. Therefore, finding and/or inviting colleagues internationally may keep us in business and able to continue to investigate the different corners of cyberspace in the most fruitful ways.


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Posted: 2016-12-21
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Vol 11, No 1 (2017): Special issue: Internet use and disability

Table of Contents


Martin Molin, Emma Sorbring   


Dany Lussier-Desrochers, Claude L. Normand, Alejandro Romero-Torres, Yves Lachapelle, Valérie Godin-Tremblay, Marie-Ève Dupont, Jeannie Roux, Laurence Pépin-Beauchesne, Pascale Bilodeau   
Article: 1
Jane Seale, Darren Chadwick   
Article: 2
Emma Sorbring, Martin Molin, Lotta Löfgren-Mårtenson   
Article: 3
Frederike Scholz, Betul Yalcin, Mark Priestley   
Article: 4
G. Anthony Giannoumi, Molly Land, Wondwossen Mulualem Beyene, Peter Blanck   
Article: 5
Michelle F. Wright   
Article: 6
François Sallafranque-St-Louis, Claude L. Normand   
Article: 7
Zhraa A. Alhaboby, James Barnes, Hala Evans, Emma Short   
Article: 8
Judith Darragh, Louise Reynolds, Caroline Ellison, Michelle Bellon   
Article: 9
Helena Taubner, Malin Hallén, Åsa Wengelin   
Article: 10
Leen Vereenooghe, Lina Gega, Peter E. Langdon   
Article: 11